odoscope - situationsbezogene Personalisierung in Echtzeit

The odoscope Operational Intelligence platform provides content that is relevant for any visitor's current shopping situation. This enables you to increase your conversion rates, shopping-cart average values, and margins. You can reduce bounce rates and optimise local stock levels.

The Power of Situation-Aware Personalization

Offering every single user the individually best-suited products from the very beginning: It’s much easier as you may think. Discover more:

One Platform. Many Options

odoscope individualizes the customer experience of your users. We start with where you can get the most. Because: Situation-aware personalization is far more than just recommendation marketing.

Optimal product offerings "on the fly"

odoscope operational intelligence creates subjective relevance for your shop visitors. Automated. Self-learning. Data-privacy compliant.

Individualised search result lists

Do it like Google. Use odoscope to sort search results that are individually relevant to any specific visitor.

Cross- and/or upselling

Use odoscope to present relevant products as extras and alternatives to any specific visitor.

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Live Demo: Find Out for Yourself

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