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The situation: a new dimension for your e-business

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ODOSCOPE is the first situationalization solution for E-Business and E-Commerce. For the first time, you can offer not only known but also new and anonymous users a personalized customer experience with highly relevant content in every situation. Convince yourself and realize the full potential of your data.

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What makes ODOSCOPE unique?

self-learning technology

Self-learning technology

Highly automated and self-learning algorithms that situationalize website elements depending on a wide range of situational data, user interaction or your data sources. Market proof with 10+ years in development

fast and easy integration

Easy integration

The integration of ODOSCOPE is fast and easy – on the server or client side. We also have numerous integrations to connect with various tools and systems. You can run tests with our REST-API on the first day.

highly performant solution

Fast performance

Thanks to our unique database structure and in-memory grid, the calculation happens in lightning speed within 20ms. The situationalized page elements load before the first click.

odoscope conform GDPR

Fully GDPR compliant

We only use DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers in Germany for our innovative SaaS situationalization solution. Thus, ODOSCOPE works in full compliance with the European Data Protection laws.

use your own Business Logic

Use your own business logic

With the touch of a button, your individual company goals like selling off stock, reducing returns, increasing margins etc. are given greater weight. Our algorithms adapt to them in a meaningful way. Continuously.

Boost conversions sales and revenu

Boost conversions, sales and revenue

By situationalizing your digital touchpoints for every user – even unknowns – you significantly reduce your bounce rate, increase conversions and ultimately increase your revenue – by 20% and more.

Long live the moment!

With ODOSCOPE, you will use the superior technology of situational personalization. In the process, each user will first see the products that are most relevant to him and his current shopping situation –in real time and still before the first click.

Fully automated with full control

ODOSCOPE is self-learning and acts automated. Increase your conversion rates sustainably and reduce your manual effort and corresponding costs. Via an interactive dashboard, you have a complete overview and full control of all processes at any time. In addition, you can define special business goals. For example, reduce returns, increase margins or sell-off the stock.

Situationalization for the games industry

You want to optimize your retention rate and boost IAP as well as the LTV?

Learn more about the potentials of our platform for the game industry!

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We work data-driven and performance-oriented – for the enthusiasm of our customers

„Thanks to ODOSCOPE: What counts is the moment! Instead of treating all users equally, we finally do justice to their diverse interests and individual usage situations with real-time personas. Inspiring contents in every second of your visit increase the length of stay and make you a loyal user in the medium term.“

Harm Heibült, Director Product, BurdaStyle

„We were actually quite satisfied with our previous RECO. But ODOSCOPE has added another shovel with its situational recommendations. The enormous uplifts convinced us to replace our classic RECO completely with ODOSCOPE.“

Sarah Schwart, Manager Projects E-COM, asambeauty

„With ODOSCOPE, we found another way to use our data profitably: data from various sources get merged in the ODOSCOPE platform. Thus, we are able to derive the greatest possible knowledge out of our data and turn it into higher revenues.“

Ingo Körle, Leitung Onsite & Online Marketing, KLiNGEL-Gruppe

„The data driven approach of ODOSCOPE has fully convinced us. We can completely reduce the ever-increasing manual effort for product list sorting and thus significantly reduce our costs for shop maintenance with simultaneous double-digit sales increases.“

Michael Heine, Geschäftsführer, Praxisdienst

„ODOSCOPE not only provides us with a considerable uplift, this company is also a highly motivated partner with a great service for us.“

Matthias Spangenberg, Head of Online-Marketing, DefShop GmbH

„ODOSCOPE is a technology we use for the easy individualisation of all aspects of our online shop in a truly relevant way. In doing so, we have been able to maintain higher conversion rates and sales right from day 1.“

Philipp Tippkemper, CMO Tennis-Point

„We have noticed the advantages of ODOSCOPE very fast. Beside the uplifts, we are deeply impressed by the transparency the ODOSCOPE tool provides. The ODOSCOPE dashboard perfectly visualizes the performance of any of your shops. We can drive analyses ad hoc and have access to all information at any time. We are convinced by the disruptive approach the whole ODOSCOPE team pursues and we are looking forward to the company-wide roll-out.“

Tanja Ambrosy, Projektleiterin E-Commerce, KLiNGEL-Gruppe

„We are impressed with the ODOSCOPE team and their software which, in our view, has potential to fundamentally change the current way of processing of data.“

Friedrich Baur, Vorstand der J.F. Müller & Sohn AG

„We are impressed with the ODOSCOPE team and their software which, in our view, has potential to fundamentally change the current way of processing of data.“

Dr. Tobias Engelhardt, Investor in ODOSCOPE und Deutscher Business Angel des Jahres 2016

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Build your own business logic

Our dashboard allows you to improve results even further by replicating your own business logic. Boost or penalize product attributes for different campagnes or seasons.

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