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Matthias Bettag
Sr. Data Strategist
October 5, 2023
5 min read
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Product lists are the digital equivalent of physical product displays. It is here that users are inspired by what is on offer – or not. With attention spans getting shorter and shorter, it is increasingly important to prominently display the products that are relevant to each user. With personalized product lists, you can convince users and increase your sales.

Personalized product lists are the key

Product lists in the online store are the place where users look for inspiration. They expect product suggestions and often don’t want to commit to a brand or colour at this stage of the buying process. The filters often offered in the lists do not solve the problem.

Users expect to see the most relevant products first

Users’ attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Very few people are willing to scroll through endless lists or click through dozens of pages. If the product offer is not immediately convincing, they will click through to the next shop. To avoid this, an individually sorted product list is essential. In this way, the products that are relevant to the user are listed first and, if possible, even before their first click.

Relevant pickup even for unknown users

One challenge is the 60-80% of users who are not immediately recognizable. However, historical data is a real treasure trove when it comes to targeting these users: For example, significant correlations can be found between location, device, day of the week, time of day, marketing channel, referrer or weather and products purchased, which can be used to personalize the list.

Significant increase in sales

Especially on mobile phones, such a personalized list has a very positive effect. The smaller screen limits the display area and forces accuracy. But even on desktop product lists relevant sorting has been shown to significantly increase conversions, sales and even reduce returns.

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