The Engagement Platform for Your Sustainable Growth.

Acquire new customers, turn them into loyal fans and create an unbreakable bond. Expand your existing customer base and showcase your product range with a data-driven, personalized approach that effortlessly aligns with your goals. Fully automated across your channels and powered by AI. 
Without cookies, without consent and without any pixel. Watch your business grow.

Dashboard of ODOSCOPE: showing the performance graph for revenue.
report card within the ODOSCOPE dashboard with figures showing the performance of an online shop.

The Perfect Product for Everyone. Holistic Personalization starts with Adaptive Creative Optimization.

Convert users in an instant with highly relevant product offers in your ads that adapt to the user's current situation. Convince even unknown and unrecognized users. Thanks to our real-time AI, you address them with the right offer at the right time. Fully automated and data-driven. For your growing customer base and maximum marketing efficiency.


For maximum marketing efficiency

Growing customer base


of your Traffic being personalized
in real time


Contribution Margin

shows parts of a report card of ODOSCOPE's dashboard.
illustration of the dashboard of ODOSCOPE showing performance graphs.

Curate your product placements in search results and product listings.

Guide your users through your offer and convert their purchase intent through relevant product rankings. Simply show the right offer for every user in every shopping situation and increase your sales by relevance. Based on the situational approach.

Convert user intent

Data-driven list curation

High UX and vibrant engagement


Conversion Rate


Average Order Value


Fast, high-dimensional analytics for precise individual recommendations.

Expand your customer base with situationally relevant recommendations across categories and channels. Based on our "user-like-you" approach, you deliver relevant offers that are also tailored to the user's current situation. In your ads, mailings and onsite recommendations.

Across categories and channels




Return on Invest


Contribution Margin

report card within ODOSCOPE's dashboard. shows the performance of an a/b test.
performance card within ODOSCOPE's dashboard. shows  the revenue graph above an uplift guide line.

Scalable, data-driven personalization combined with active management of your assortment.

Set, achieve, and track your business goals while meeting users' high expectations for UX and shopping experience. Let our AI work for you or set your own sales priorities, incentivizing or penalizing. Be data-driven, always and only. Test your strategies in preview and track your success in the interactive dashboard.

Achieve your business objectives

Test your strategies in preview

Track your success


Conversion Rate


Average Order Value

Discover More Technical Features

Super-Fast Data Lakehouse for Analyses

A secure hub for your data: historical, master, customer, behavioral, product, and transaction data. No tracking pixels, no silos—ensuring rapid analyses and complete data sovereignty.

Cookie-less. Consent free. Pixel-free.

No data tracking, no pixel setting, no cookie needed. Utilize your 1st party data, enriched with GDPR compliant sources, for real-time data activation and monetization.

Proprietary Ultra-Fast Database Technology

We mean real time. No latency in response time. Every click is analyzed instantly and the knowledge gained is used to make new decisions.

Automatically generated or manual peer groups

Maximize both options: customize your business with auto-generated real time look-alike-audiences or manually define segments for targeted advertising.

Discover our innovative tech solution to scale
your business

Experience the power and convenience of our solution. Selling has never been easier.

compare card within ODOSCOPE Dashboard showing the statistical significance of ODOSCOPE vs. Control group within an A/B test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our services and products.

What is the difference between 1st party and 3rd party data?

1st party data is data collected by the company itself on its own platforms and in exchange with prospects and customers. For example, from web analytics or product feed.
3rd party data, on the other hand, is provided by a third party for a fee. The collection of 3rd party data is often done on your own platform by integrating a tracking pixel.

Why can ODOSCOPE personalize without cookies?

Cookieless literally means "without cookies". ODOSCOPE does not require cookies or cookie detection to display user-specific personalization in real time. ODOSCOPE works immediately even for unknown and new users.

In martech sector, however, the term is often used to promote technologies that use "only 1st party cookies" instead of also 3rd party cookies. However, these solutions are still based on cookies.

ODOSCOPE only sets a session cookie to keep a visit in the respective A/B test group: ODOSCOPE group vs. control group in case of a return visit. The display of any personalization is independent of this.

What are look-alike audiences vs. segmentation?

A look-alike audience refers to a groups of similar users that are dynamically determined from a database based on the data points and behavior of the current user. A look-alike audience is intended to make statistically probable statements about the current user's interests and behavior so that personalized content can be served based on an individual look-alike audience.

In contrast to dynamically identified look-alike audiences, there are predefined segments into which users are divided according to their behavior and for which certain rule-based playout is also predefined.

What exactly is personalization?

Personalization is the term for the individual approach and presentation of content, products or messages to individual users, customers and people. ODOSCOPE understands personalization as individual, dynamic and flexible. That is why ODOSCOPE does not use rules and predefined segments that are not individual, but treats all users in the respective segment in exactly the same way.

What is product list sorting?

The most powerful lever for uplift in ecommerce is the search or product list like on category overview pages. Many products on many pages appear here. Users look to these product lists or category pages for inspiration. It is therefore essential to show relevant products immediately on a category page, otherwise a user will leave the store after a few seconds.

ODOSCOPE's customers often achieve sales and purchase uplifts of more than 10% by displaying personalized product lists sorted by individual relevance (and often more than 20% on mobile devices. Here the prominent display of the most relevant products on the small screen is even more critical.

What is data activation?

Data activation is the use of data points to determine a (personalization) decision such as a specific selection, sorting of products, news, images, search results, recommendations, etc. according to individual relevance. ODOSCOPE works with real-time data activation, which adapts flexibly and dynamically to the user's current situation with every click.

What is a data lakehouse?

A data lakehouse is a central platform for multiple data sources and their metadata. But unlike a traditional data warehouse (DWH), which is designed for SQL queries and traditional analytics, data is imported directly into the data lakehouse without a potentially error-prone and time-consuming extract, transform, load (ETL) process. A data lakehouse can store very large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in the same system, enabling machine learning applications and making data teams more efficient by eliminating the need to query and join data across multiple systems.

What is situationalization?

Situationalization refers to a user's current situation. It matters a lot whether someone is on the subway during rush hour surfing on a cell phone, at work on a desktop PC during the day, or at home on a tablet on the sofa on a Sunday evening. Each situation is different. So is user and customer behavior. How different that behavior is, and whether it differs more by time of day, device type, geography, or many other data points and combinations thereof, is contained in the shop's historical data and is determined for each user and click by real-time analysis.

Key Features at a Glance

Cookieless personalization

ODOSCOPE can personalize also for users without cookies, deleted cookies, or who deny any consent. ODOSCOPE personalizes your content for 100% of your traffic individually.  

No additional pixel

Since ODOSCOPE is based on your existing data, no additional pixels need to be integrated. We do not track. ODOSCOPE is productive from day 1, no additional data silo, no redundancy.

Consent-free personalization

ODOSCOPE does not place a cookie to track a user, nor does it use any 3rd party data. Instead, it uses in-session data and is stateless, i.e. it makes and displays a decision, but does not store a status.

Individual relevance ranking for each user and their click

ODOSCOPE ranks any search and product list by each user click and according to their actual in-session behavior. It, therefore, dynamically analyzes each user's data points to determine their individual relevance.

AI-powered merchandising with easy-to-use interface

Although user conversion is generally good, it is not always profitable. This is the case when the product purchased has a low margin. Our AI-powered merchandising reliably strikes a balance between scalable personalization, high UX standards, and achieving your business goals.

Look-alike-audiences for each user, automated and in real time

ODOSCOPE identifies each single user’s individual look-alike-audience (LAA) from the shop’s data history in real time, and increasingly accurate by every click in the ongoing session. LAAs are large enough for statistic significance, but small enough to be mostly relevant for the current user.

Superfast technology for analyses and decisions made in real time

ODOSCOPE takes less than 20 milliseconds to analyze even hundreds of millions of rows of data and dynamically create a ranking based on user-specific relevance. ODOSCOPE can be integrated without impacting a shop's performance.

High-dimensional, fully automated prescriptive analytics

ODOSCOPE can handle many dimensions at once and across multiple data sources. The analysis results in a customized decision that is displayed immediately. It combines real-time analysis with real-time decision making and real-time data activation.

ODOSCOPE's Data Lake breaks down silos

Our Data Lake indicates all data points from the customer's data sources (web tracking, product data, optionally CRM data) at once and identifies relevant and meaningful correlations for each individual user. It breaks down silos and identifies the "gold nuggets" in data sources super fast.