Scalable Personalization and AI-powered Merchandising

Maximize sales at every stage of the customer journey with personalized stock targeting for maximum profitability. With the ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform. Scalability through AI.

Dashboard of ODOSCOPE: showing the performance graph for revenue. report card within the ODOSCOPE dashboard with figures showing the performance of an online shop.

Uplift in Margin for


Return on Invest for


Increase in Revenue for

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No Cookies. No Pixel.
No Consent.
ODOSCOPE Private Cloud.

As a contract data processor, we use your existing 1st party data and feed it into our real-time platform. We run an ODOSCOPE private cloud, hosted in certified German data centres, with your data stored on our own root servers. You have full data sovereignity and transparency at all times.

A woman from the back surrounded by servers. To visualize that ODOSCOPE runs Personalization without cookies, without tracking and without any pixel.
AI-powered Merchandising

Maximize your profit

Personalize your merchandising at every stage of the customer journey. Data-driven and based on our powerful AI. Achieve your business goals while impressing with individually relevant offers for each and every user.

Easy to use

Transparent at all times

With one-click previews


Return on Invest


Contribution Margin

performance card within ODOSCOPE's dashboard. shows  the revenue graph above an uplift guide line.
illustration of the dashboard of ODOSCOPE showing performance graphs.
Product List Sorting

Sell more with personalized rankings

Harness the potential of the discovery phase to increase sales and create a connection with customers. Ensure a high user experience through customized relevance ranking in search results and product lists. Elegantly guide the user through your store. For any shopping situation and any device.

Convert user intent


100% of your traffic


Conversion Rate


Average Order Value


Grow your sales by leveraging intent

User-centric recommendations to offer the right product to the right user at the right time. For all your users, across all categories and at all stages of the customer journey. Situationalization at its best.

In ads or in your mailings

On landing or product detail pages

In baskets and at the check-out


Reduction of Return Rates

report card within ODOSCOPE's dashboard. shows the performance of an a/b test.
shows parts of a report card of ODOSCOPE's dashboard.
Adaptive Creative Optimization

Increase your customer base

Excel with display ads that respond to a user's browsing and purchasing behavior and tailor their content accordingly. This is where your full personalization starts. With no implementation effort.

Efficient customer acquisition at low cost

Holistic personalization  

No implementation required


Click-Trough-Rate on Banner Ads


Conversion Rate through Banner Ads

Discover the Power Platform for Customer Engagement

Real-Time Automation for a perfect UX for 100% of your traffic

Relevance even for unknown or unrecognized users. No rules, but dynamic real-time personalization for each user click. For maximum efficiency of your marketing campaigns.

Intuitive Interfaces to Manage your Retail Strategies

Easily orchestrate customer engagement and set up A/B testing. Define multiple strategies for specific peer groups and audiences. Preview your product range for different strategies, devices, times and locations. All with one click.

Fast Dashboard for In-Depth Product Analysis

Gain deep insight into product performance and all the KPIs that matter to your business. With shared workspaces for both levels: Operations and Management. For your convenient reporting with exportable reports with charts, drill-down figures, ...

Customer Service 24/7

A platform is only as good as the support behind it. We care about you and your projects. We help you with implementation, guide you in setting your strategies, advise you in regular meetings, perform performance checks and more.

Unlock Your Potential with ODOSCOPE

By working with ODOSCOPE, you gain access to cutting-edge technology and insights that put you ahead of the competition. Our innovative solutions empower you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your business performance.

favicon of ODOSCOPE. customer engagement platform. scalable personalization and ai-powered merchandising.

Monetize your data

Boost your KPIs

Use your own business logic

Modular Al-solutions

Intuitive touchfirst toolbox

Delayless dashboard

Ad-hoc drill-down charts

Data export to any day-to-day tool

Self-learning technology

Easy integration

Fast performance

Fully GDPR-compliant

Genuine experiences from our clients

ODOSCOPE is the tool for individually decorating online shop windows.


Teamlead Merchandise, GOLDNER

Significantly more sales through targeted and personalized merchandising. ODOSCOPE gives us the ability to optimize the sorting of items in a targeted way.


Procurement, DF Automotive

Personalised Product Listing Pages and Recommendations – Optimal Result, Minimal Effort.


Business Development Manager Omnichannel, BRAX Store GmbH & Co. KG

We were actually quite satisfied with our previous RECO. But with the situational recommendations, ODOSCOPE has taken it up a notch. The enormous uplifts have convinced us to completely replace our classic RECO.


Manager Projects, asambeauty

ODOSCOPE helps us to profitably use our big data sets we collected. The clear backend makes it easy for us to understand at any time how the recommendations are made.


Head of E-Commerce,

With the ODOSCOPE Situationalization Platform, we can now use our data to offer all visitors the most relevant products according to their respective shopping situation. This can revolutionize the shopping experience at PETER HAHN and significantly increase sales, order and return rates.


Leiter Digital Product Management & Marketing Automation, Peter Hahn

OMR Badge stating the ODOSCOPE is leader in the category Customer Engagement Platform in Q3_2023
25 Bewertungen

Discover our innovative tech solution to scale
your business

Experience the power and convenience of our solution. Selling has never been easier.

compare card within ODOSCOPE Dashboard showing the statistical significance of ODOSCOPE vs. Control group within an A/B test.

Partner Network

Explore our robust ecosystem designed to foster your growth and facilitate successful collaboration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our platform and services.

What is ODOSCOPE about?

ODOSCOPE helps ecommerce retailers sell their goods in a targeted and profitable way through future-proof, scalable personalization and AI-powered merchandising. We provide a privacy-compliant customer engagement platform for managing all digital sales channels, enabling business users to analyze and profitably leverage user, customer and market data. Based on user-centric, automated, real-time decisions, we enable our clients to show the right content at the right time in the right way to each individual online user - whether known, anonymous or not yet recognized.

I get 2 in 1: Scalable personalization and AI-powered merchandising? 

Yes, because we want to give you the best of both worlds.

Scalable personalization is entirely data-driven. It is highly accurate and lightning fast. It intelligently combines knowledge from multiple digital touchpoints and is fully automated. Scalable personalization easily enables any number of playout variants based on high-dimensional prescriptive analytics.

With Merchandising, you can actively contribute your knowledge and experience: you can control which products are promoted or penalized based on margins or out-of-stocks. All playout scenarios remain purely data-driven and user-specific. This allows you to make targeted sales while taking into account campaign goals or promotional surcharges. Often there are multiple factors at play.

How is ODOSCOPE implemented?

We offer plugins for Shopware, Shopify and Salesforce for quick and easy integration into a shop system (as of Q1, 2024). Otherwise ODOSCOPE is integrated into the store system via REST API. The integration is thoroughly documented and closely monitored by our reliable Customer Success Team.

How can I reach ODOSCOPE as a customer?

Each of our customers is in close contact with a dedicated account manager and representative from our Customer Success team. Personal contacts are always available via email or a customer-specific Slack or Teams channel.

What is the pricing model?

An ODOSCOPE license is essentially calculated based on the traffic volume of an online shop per year (sessions per year in 1 million steps). Another factor is the number of AI modules used for the various onsite personalization activities like product list sorting, search result sorting, recommendations, mailings, adaptive ads etc.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We want all customers to be happy and satisfied with our solution and services, of course. However, if a customer decides to end the contract, the contractually agreed notice period applies. In general, an annual license will be renewed for another year unless it is cancelled in writing with 3 months notice to the end of the contract.

Key Features at a Glance

Cookieless personalization

ODOSCOPE can personalize also for users without cookies, deleted cookies, or who deny any consent. ODOSCOPE personalizes your content for 100% of your traffic individually.  

No additional pixel

Since ODOSCOPE is based on your existing data, no additional pixels need to be integrated. We do not track. ODOSCOPE is productive from day 1, no additional data silo, no redundancy.

Consent-free personalization

ODOSCOPE does not place a cookie to track a user, nor does it use any 3rd party data. Instead, it uses in-session data and is stateless, i.e. it makes and displays a decision, but does not store a status.

Individual relevance ranking for each user and their click

ODOSCOPE ranks any search and product list by each user click and according to their actual in-session behavior. It, therefore, dynamically analyzes each user's data points to determine their individual relevance.

AI-powered merchandising with easy-to-use interface

Although user conversion is generally good, it is not always profitable. This is the case when the product purchased has a low margin. Our AI-powered merchandising reliably strikes a balance between scalable personalization, high UX standards, and achieving your business goals.

Look-alike-audiences for each user, automated and in real time

ODOSCOPE identifies each single user’s individual look-alike-audience (LAA) from the shop’s data history in real time, and increasingly accurate by every click in the ongoing session. LAAs are large enough for statistic significance, but small enough to be mostly relevant for the current user.

Superfast technology for analyses and decisions made in real time

ODOSCOPE takes less than 20 milliseconds to analyze even hundreds of millions of rows of data and dynamically create a ranking based on user-specific relevance. ODOSCOPE can be integrated without impacting a shop's performance.

High-dimensional, fully automated prescriptive analytics

ODOSCOPE can handle many dimensions at once and across multiple data sources. The analysis results in a customized decision that is displayed immediately. It combines real-time analysis with real-time decision making and real-time data activation.

ODOSCOPE's Data Lake breaks down silos

Our Data Lake indicates all data points from the customer's data sources (web tracking, product data, optionally CRM data) at once and identifies relevant and meaningful correlations for each individual user. It breaks down silos and identifies the "gold nuggets" in data sources super fast.