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“Significantly more sales through targeted and personalised merchandising. ODOSCOPE gives us the ability to optimize the sorting of items in a targeted way. By ensuring that our products are easy for customers to find and access, we can run effective marketing campaigns and target our customers’ needs. This increases customer loyalty, the likelihood of purchase and ultimately leads to higher sales.” Full statement under OMR Reviews

Merle, Procurement at DF Automotive

“ODOSCOPE helps us to profitably use our big data sets we collected. The clear backend makes it easy for us to understand at any time how the recommendations are made.”

Björn Marquardsen , Head of E-Commerce, felgenshop.de

“Personalised Product Listing Pages and Recommendations – Optimal Result, Minimal Effort.” Full statement under OMR Reviews

Roland, Business Development Manager Omnichannel, BRAX Store GmbH & Co. KG

“With the ODOSCOPE Platform, we can now use our data to offer all visitors the most relevant products according to their respective shopping situation. This can revolutionize the shopping experience at PETER HAHN and significantly increase sales, order and return rates.”

Tobias Arendt, Leiter Digital Product Management & Marketing Automation, Peter Hahn

“We were actually quite satisfied with our previous RECO. But with the situational recommendations, ODOSCOPE has taken it up a notch. The enormous uplifts have convinced us to completely replace our classic RECO.”

Sarah Schwart, Manager Projects, asambeauty