Plug and Play solution for Shopware Systems

Matthias Bettag
Sr. Data Strategist
January 7, 2022
5 min read
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This post informs Shopware customers about the process and benefits of connecting their online shop to the ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform – a platform providing a scalable, 100% GDPR-compliant personalization solution for addressing customers as well as unknown users soundly.

ODOSCOPE supports Shopware-Systems

In a few words, connecting your online shop to our CEP opens you up a world not only for personalization purposes but also for controlling and optimizing your shop strategies and processes in a smart and convenient way. Yet, let’s go through it step by step:

Plug and play with a few clicks

You connect your online shop to our CEP with a plug-in provided by ODOSCOPE. Within only a few clicks you get your system connected to the platform and can start directly to set up your personalization strategies.

What does the Shopware plug-in offer?

Individual personalization and situationalization per user

With our CEP you will be able to personalize all of your online touchpoints such as

You will display relevant products to each single user – no matter whether it is a known customer or an unknown new visitor of your shop.

Targeting known and unknown users

By analyzing your 1st party data (web-analytics data, optionally combined with CRM-data, plus the purchase history) ODOSCOPE’s AI identifies and calculates the individual relevancy of all potential products and contents for each single user and sorts them accordingly with highest relevancy on top. This works also for unknown users or returners with deleted cookies (cookieless world).

By the so-called session-based profiling, the AI gets smarter with every single click, eg. which filters were used, which products were viewed, which sizes and colors were preferred. By this, your offerings get more and more tailored during the session. Besides the user’s browsing behavior, the system also takes all available anonymous data into account like device, time and day, geo-location, marketing channel etc. to present individually tailored offerings – even before the first click.

Control Panel for optimizing your business KPIs (AI-driven merchandising):

Displaying and controlling of your company strategies - you as a business user can define which business KPIs you want to focus on and to improve:

  • increase your margins
  • selling shelf warmers
  • increasing conversion rates
  • increasing basket size
  • reducing returns
  • etc.

The provided interface allows anytime control and transparency as well as manual adjustments to the data-driven processes. The dashboard provides you many exportable drill-down reports and graphs with various metrics.

What can you do in detail?

You can

  • define audience- and target groups with corresponding product displays
  • address your users relevantly in the very moment of browsing (so-called situationalization approach) and display user-individual, but always data-driven, product lists – even for unknown users and after deleting cookies
  • optimize different of your business KPIs
  • learn a lot from the valuable insights via the innovative dashboard and controller-interface to optimize your business goals by a campaign-supporting assortment control: Boost different products and campaigns
  • test different displaying strategies by continuously optimizing with A/B/n tests.

What are your benefits?

  1. You increase your marketing efficiency by addressing 100% of your users. Without any 3rd parties or new data silos.
  2. You increase your customers’ loyalty, achieve higher sales & conversion rates, and reduce the bounce rates
  3. You streamline your processes through a high degree of automation
  4. You boost your business and facilitate your work
  5. You use real-time AI technology with the fastest analytics dashboard you’ve ever seen.

In sum, you do not only get a plug and play personalization solution, moreover, you get a control and management tool at your hand that facilitates your processes and boosts your business sustainably.

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