Situational personalization powers UX at PETER HAHN

PETER HAHN uses the ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform to sort product listings according to the user’s individual shopping situation and purchasing needs. The achieved results are more than convincing.

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PETER HAHN is an internationally successful multichannel fashion company in the upper quality and price segment for women which consistently continues to think about customer-centric communication. This includes inspiring existing and new customers as well as addressing their needs. For a perfect customer experience, it‘s all about the individual relevance of the products offered - and in absolute compliance with GDPR.


PETER HAHN‘s online shop offers customers inspiration for styling trends as well as a wide range of fashion items and accessories. The focus is on resource-saving production and durable product quality. In particular, brand variants in the medium and higher price segments are shown with a focus on a narrowly defined target group. The international B2C shop sells products in ten countries and serves existing customers predominantly. Since product recommendations are generated by users based on their previous purchase history, the conversion rate of new customers was below expectations. In order to display recommendations that are as accurate as possible in the future, the successfully implemented Situationalization Platform can also be used to personalize based on customer data (e.g. price sensitivity), to increase the relevance of product recommendations.


For the implementation, PETER HAHN uses ODOSCOPE‘s Situationalization Platform to sort product lists according to individual shopping situations and the purchasing needs of the users. This way, known and unknown online hoppers

can be provided with situational relevant product recommendations in real time, in less than 20 ms. Instead of filling new data silos, ODOSCOPE combines existing CRM data treasures with raw web analysis data. A highlight is the trouble-free use of the customer categories according to similar price sensitivity. Through the successful integration, the content is displayed according to the current shopping situation based on the surfing and purchasing behavior of historical customers, price preferences of the current user (e.g. high-priced jeans, inexpensive blouses) as well as situational data (e.g. referrer: Google SEO Non-Brand, location: Berlin, end device: iPhone). This type of logic according to the highest situational relevance not only invites discovery, but also inspires a faster purchase decision - with GDPR. Thanks to the seamless integration by ODOSCOPE, nothing stood in the way of the immediate start of the shop optimization.

"With the ODOSCOPE Situationalization Platform, we can now use our data to offer all visitors the most relevant products according to their respective shopping situation.“


The integration of the SaaS solution into PETER HAHN‘s online fashion world was a complete success. By using the ODOSCOPE situationalization platform, even unknown users can now be offered the most relevant products for their respective shopping situation. For known customers, even CRM data is used to determine the most relevant products, which multiplies the returning customers. Compared to other recommendation measures, ODOSCOPE works much more precisely and processes both personal and situational data. Users see the most suitable products at first glance spontaneous purchases and longer sessions thanks to tailor-made recommendations. This leads to significantly lower bounce rates, higher order rates, better conversion rates and stronger customer loyalty, especially in mobile shops. The results are a revolutionary shopping experience at PETER HAHN and significantly increased revenue.

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With this situationalization approach we can now use our data to offer all visitors the most relevant products according to their respective shopping situation. This can revolutionize the shopping experience at PETER HAHN and significantly increase revenue as well as order and return rates.

Tobias Arendt

Head of Digital Product Management & Marketing Automation

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What is ODOSCOPE about?

ODOSCOPE helps ecommerce retailers sell their goods in a targeted and profitable way through future-proof, scalable personalization and AI-powered merchandising. We provide a privacy-compliant customer engagement platform for managing all digital sales channels, enabling business users to analyze and profitably leverage user, customer and market data. Based on user-centric, automated, real-time decisions, we enable our clients to show the right content at the right time in the right way to each individual online user - whether known, anonymous or not yet recognized.

I get 2 in 1: Scalable personalization and AI-powered merchandising? 

Yes, because we want to give you the best of both worlds.

Scalable personalization is entirely data-driven. It is highly accurate and lightning fast. It intelligently combines knowledge from multiple digital touchpoints and is fully automated. Scalable personalization easily enables any number of playout variants based on high-dimensional prescriptive analytics.

With Merchandising, you can actively contribute your knowledge and experience: you can control which products are promoted or penalized based on margins or out-of-stocks. All playout scenarios remain purely data-driven and user-specific. This allows you to make targeted sales while taking into account campaign goals or promotional surcharges. Often there are multiple factors at play.

How is ODOSCOPE implemented?

We offer plugins for Shopware, Shopify and Salesforce for quick and easy integration into a shop system (as of Q1, 2024). Otherwise ODOSCOPE is integrated into the store system via REST API. The integration is thoroughly documented and closely monitored by our reliable Customer Success Team.

How can I reach ODOSCOPE as a customer?

Each of our customers is in close contact with a dedicated account manager and representative from our Customer Success team. Personal contacts are always available via email or a customer-specific Slack or Teams channel.

What is the pricing model?

An ODOSCOPE license is essentially calculated based on the traffic volume of an online shop per year (sessions per year in 1 million steps). Another factor is the number of AI modules used for the various onsite personalization activities like product list sorting, search result sorting, recommendations, mailings, adaptive ads etc.

Can I cancel my subscription?

We want all customers to be happy and satisfied with our solution and services, of course. However, if a customer decides to end the contract, the contractually agreed notice period applies. In general, an annual license will be renewed for another year unless it is cancelled in writing with 3 months notice to the end of the contract.