Smart Product Recommendations

Recommend your products across categories and touchpoints. For 100% of your traffic.

For product recommendations that matter, act user-centric: Analyze what “users like you” have bought and how they behaved.
The current user may be completely unknown to you. By continuously building dynamic segments, i.e. segments for every single click a user makes on your website, your shop will recommend products and services that are relevant to this current user. To do this, you need to analyze

  • static 1st-party user data and
  • anonymous behavioural data, possibly even in combination with
  • external data such as weather, events, business specifics, etc.

→ Focus on the current user, their situational behaviour and interests.

Super fast high-dimensional analyses to identify individual relevancies for relevant product recommendations.
This requires lightning-fast real-time AI technology in the background. Many high-dimensional analyses must be performed to identify the individual matching peer group across all data sources. In this way, personalized, matching product recommendations are made with each click of the user.

Relevant recommendations across categories and touchpoints.
ODOSCOPE CEP enables you to make truly relevant, personalized product recommendations. Not only across categories, but also across your different customer journey touchpoints: