Module: Real-Time AI Algorithms

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Flexible solutions easy installed.
Select the AI-modules that fit your needs. Our real-time AI algorithms can be modularly combined or work as stand-alone solutions. Use them for on- and offsite recommendations or for your assortment management and campaign support.

Real-time AI-technology powered by data.
The technology behind works session-based. It gets steadily fed with anonymous, situational user data and if available also customer data. It takes into account every single click and thus builds flexible and dynamical user segments in the very moment of a user visit. This works even for unknown users, users without login and even when cookies have been deleted.

Scaled with automation.
As speed and performance are key our AI analyses, calculates and delivers results within milliseconds: only highly automated context-based real-time decisions, yet no manual rules. A superfast data analytics grid calculates high-dimensional correlations and identifies patterns within big data resources in milliseconds.

Ask our experts which of the modules best fit your advanced tech stack and future-oriented business strategy. They are happy to assist you.