Product List Sorting

An individually personalized product list for each and every user.

An ODOSCOPE calculated personalized product lists is based on

  • real-time analysis
  • real-time decision-making and
  • dynamical user segments created in real time.

It is automatically played out and takes also into account your store’s own campaigns, playout strategies and business objectives.

Serve 100% of your traffic, that is all

  • new users
  • unknown users and
  • unidentified users.

Consider their needs and deliver content according to their interests.

A personalized product list is a product list that takes into account the individual needs of the current user in his very situation. A truly individualized list displays the relevant products prominently and converts users into customers.

By our user-centric approach, you show your users what they want to see. You respect the current situation of the user and use the cross-touchpoint knowledge about very similar users (read more about our modules Customer Data Platform and Real-time AI-modules).

By taking your users and your in-stock products as the starting point for your display strategies, you ensure a satisfying customer experience by respecting users’ interests and meeting their expectations – regardless of which channel they use to reach your product page.

A personalized product list by ODOSCOPE stands for

  • data-drivenness
  • dynamically reacting on every click, and
  • properly implemented personalization at the heart of customer experience.

Show that you know this.