100% GDPR compliance at any time and level

Consent-free and cookie-less personalization.

The ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform is 100% GDPR (DSGVO) compliant. We act exclusively as a contract data processor. As our customer, you have full data sovereignty and transparency at all times.

Our platform does not require consent – neither to collect data, nor to set any cookies, nor to transfer data to data centres outside Germany. Why? Because we don’t track any data, we don’t set any pixels and we don’t need a cookie for profiling. Further, we run our own private cloud. Therefore, our software does not need to appear in the Consent Manager.

No pixel. ODOSCOPE uses 1st party data.

Our software does not set pixels, nor does ODOSCOPE track or collect any personal data of users. The ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform uses your existing web analytics data and feeds it into the real-time analytics along with possible other GDPR (DSGVO) compliant data sources such as product data, CRM data, weather data and more. In this way, we create the best conditions for real-time data activation, i.e. we immediately use the knowledge from the web analytics data for concrete content playout in the respective user session.

No cookies. No consent required.

The ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform does not require any cookies for personalization. Users do not have to give their consent for any personalization measure. This is more than in line with user behaviour, as fewer and fewer users are identifying themselves or consenting to the collection of their data.

No external cloud. We host your data in the ODOSCOPE Cloud.

ODOSCOPE hosts the data exclusively in certified German data centres. The protection of our customers’ data is central to us: Therefore, we store all data exclusively in the ODOSCOPE cloud, i.e. on our own root servers. The data is not stored in a public cloud.

With these measures, we take data protection very seriously. We want our customers to feel secure with us, so we put a lot of emphasis on powerful, future-proof and 100% data privacy-compliant technology.