Module: Customer Data Platform

A smart home for your data respecting your data ownership.

All data in one place.
The privacy compliant Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a modular part of ODOSCOPE’s Platform.  This module stores all kind of your first-party customer data from multiple sources. It collects, combines and unifies customer data as well as session data from all of your customer touchpoints. So, you get a coherent and complete view of your customers.

All data remain your property.
As a contract data processor, we offer you a fast and cost-effective Customer Data Platform module. This module is fully tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We host it dedicatedly in a private cloud in Germany. As our customer, you own it. You have full control and data sovereignty at all times.

Perfect start for holistic personalization.
We designed our CDP module for combining cross-touchpoint behavioral data and static data. By that, this CDP module provides the base for

  • real-time analysis,
  • real-time decision making and
  • tailored content delivery.


  • have your data stored in one place and can operationalize it with the CEP functions.
  • actively use the insights from your data to make the right decisions at the right time.
  • deliver the right content to each of your users whether known or unknown.

→ In short, you interact with your users in real time.

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