ODOSCOPE is the Customer Engagement Platform for real-time and GDPR-compliant personalization for 100% of your traffic.

Our CEP personalizes the customer experience even for unknown users, users without login and users who have deleted their cookies. We work effectively from the first impression and only data-driven.

We offer several tools and services – all for the best possible personalized user experience for your customers and users across all your different touchpoints.

Keep your users happy and your business growing!


ODOSCOPE’s Data Lakehouse is offered as managed service and fully tailored to our client’s needs and requirements. It is hosted on a private cloud in Germany and owned by the client. It is particularly designed for combining behavioral and static data from all kind of different data sources and for real-time analysis.

Using the ODOSCOPE CEP clients operationalize their data by engaging with a user in real-time.

Basically, ODOSCOPE’s Data Lakehouse with its personalization capacities works like a CEP technology and can replace a Customer Data Platform (CDP) but with the additional ability of

  • directly interacting with a user in real-time
  • addressing 100% of your traffic
  • on any touchpoint: onsite, offsite (display ads), newsletters, in-store points of contracts
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E-commerce is a highly competitive market. Up to 80% of the visits to a shop’s home or landing page are those of unknown, new or not yet identified users. A user decides within seconds whether to continue the customer journey or to leave the shop. It is important to show the most relevant products immediately and at first glance.

But which products are the right ones for the individual user?

ODOSCOPE offers individual, personalized product sorting for any product list pages. In real time. Purely data-driven. Precisely tailored to the user’s situation.

This requires neither a login nor existing cookies. Rather, it enables the combination of a purely data-driven approach with sales and marketing campaigns.

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A newsletter is the most personal marketing channel. Being your key for a lasting customer relation it is a 1st party channel which data is all yours.

Yet, how to send out newsletters that truly matter?

By acting user-centrically, not product-centrically.

Relevant personalization is data-driven recommendation based on the user. Thus, analyzing all the user data, including

  • static data
  • behavioral data and possibly even in combination with
  • external data

you have all the insights you need to identify individually relevant content for each of your subscribers and users of all other touchpoints like

  • product page
  • shopping cart
  • banner ads etc.

where recommendations are displayed automatically and data-driven. ODOSCOPE predicts your users’ interests for any category or product type – independent from the purchase history and independent from 3rd parties.

Integrating the ODOSCOPE intelligence to your newsletter and recommendation strategy you will deliver individual relevancy for any user including new and hitherto unknown customers.

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Intelligent banner advertising.

Banner advertising is the most common form of offsite marketing campaigns. It makes a lot of sense to display banner ads based on users’ interests.

So far user interests were usually collected in user profiles that came from and were owned and stored by 3rd party cookies. Yet, users no longer give consent for 3rd party providers and many browsers block 3rd party cookies by default. Users prefer to give consent to 1st parties, i.e. to websites they knowingly interact with.

How can banner ads on other websites still be personal and individually relevant, but at the same time be based on 1st party data?

ODOSCOPE solves this problem: Our lightning-fast, real-time decision engine makes it possible to display personalized and individually relevant banner images for the current user in the few milliseconds a page is rendered.

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