Any of us appreciates the personal consultation at the local point of sale: Getting the information needed, being provided with the right sizes and colours – regardless of being a well-known customer or a first-timer. What the customer is used from the local point of sales they consequently expect from an online shop as well. In order that online shopping becomes an experience you as e-retailer need to provide perfectly tailored contents to any of your users – no matter if known or unknown. With odoscope, the Operational Intelligence platform, you get exactly what you need:

A personalized approach to any of your users and customers that makes them feel just as pleasant as in their favorite brick-and-mortar shop.

Your Goal:

You want truly relevant contents for any of your users and their device.


Our Solution:

We power personalized experiences by Relevance.

Automated. In Real-time. With your existing data.


Your Result:

Acquisition of new customers & long-lasting customer retention - Operational Intelligence Plattform, Beispiel für keine Segmentierung

One site does not fit all.

Instead of not knowing your users and treating them all alike, … - Beispiel für unscharfe Segmentierung

Pre-defined user groups give an unsharpened picture

Instead of knowing your users vaguely and instead of personalizing them based on offline models, …

Echtzeit-Clustering von odoscope

Real-time clustering & prescriptive analyses make you see your users sharply.

… you get a clear view of any of your users.
You are able to address known as well as unknown users highly personally and individually.

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Our Happy Clients

“Wir hatten auf schon sehr viel optimiert und auch etliche Tools im Einsatz. Dadurch konnten wir bereits eine weit überdurchschnittliche Conversion Rate erreichen. Von daher waren wir natürlich skeptisch, […]

Mit odoscope aber haben wir jetzt eine Technologie im Einsatz, mit der wir jede Stelle unseres Online-Shops bequem und wirklich relevant personalisieren können. So konnten wir durch den Einsatz von odoscope unsere Conversion Rate und unseren Umsatz aus dem Stand heraus von Tag 1 an nachhaltig steigern – mit einem […]

Philipp Tippkemper, CEO, Tennis-Point
„Dass sich der Einsatz von odoscope® für uns schnell amortisiert, steht für uns außer Frage. […]
Wir wollen odoscope® perspektivisch in die Analyse der Customer Journey einbinden und nach der Visit-orientierten Betrachtung dann auch den einzelnen User in den Fokus der Analysen stellen. […].

Außerdem planen wir, das odoscope-Tool unternehmensweit auch mobil zu nutzen, für die Präsentation auf Tablets und anderen mobilen Endgeräten ist die odosMap™ ideal.“

Frank Bockhorn, Douglas
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Your advantages with odoscope

  • No integration efforts

    A small JavaScript within the online shop controls the tailored delivery. It can easily be integrated with an existing tag manager and does not require IT support.

  • No widget solution

    Being versatile odoscope can optimize your shop at any places: product listings and search results within shop internal search, contents, layouts, (pre-filled) forms,…

  • Data privacy

    German privacy and data law is applied. odoscope unexceptionally works with anonymised data and thus does not allow (and not even need) any conclusions on individual persons or identities.

  • Ready to go

    You do not waste time by extensive data collection or learning processes. The analysis data is imported from your existing web analytics systems (e.g. raw data export as CSV file via FTP). Thus odoscope delivers relevant contents from 1st day on.

  • Performance based revenue share

    There is absolutely no cost risk for you at all. You pay only for additional revenue generated by odoscope with a performance based revenue share. Alternatively, we offer you individual plans and packages.

  • Additional Revenues

    By providing relevant contents even for unknown users you turn your visitors into customers.

  • Higher customer engagement and brand building

    Through relevancy and emotionalizing contents you create a feel-good atmosphere that makes your customers come back. Your satisfied customers become an ambassador of your brand in the market.

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Operational Intelligence – The technology behind odoscope

Operational Intelligence (OI) is the automated answer to the numerous problems of classical Business Intelligence (BI) that lacks man-power, know-how and technical capabilities for actionable analysis results: it is still limited to descriptive analytics and leaves modelling and deriving of conclusions up to the business user. OI, in contrast, combines descriptive and predictive with prescriptive analytics, which automatically takes the required actions for a specified outcome. …. → Learn more