Whitepaper: How Situationalization is Revolutionizing Online Retailing

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  • The evolution of business intelligence
  • Operational Intelligence Solves Personalization Dilemma
  • Operational Intelligence – The Key to Situationalization
  • Situationalization: the new dimension for online commerce
  • Success lies in the situation

Online retail is booming and has been growing consistently in double digits for years. Under these circumstances, one would think that retailers can grow carefree. But in practice, the challenges are great: business intelligence and conventional personalization solutions are increasingly reaching their limits due to the increased demands of the market. The path to an individual and relevant customer experience therefore usually ends in a dead end.

But don’t worry! In our free whitepaper, you’ll learn how to use the secret weapon of “situationalization” – next-level personalization – to get your business out of this dilemma and into the fast lane.