Whitepaper: Data-driven customer experience optimization

Four top experts from Zalando, konversionskraft, LEROI and the Digital Analytics Association on basics, implementation and trends.

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Free whitepaper: CX optimization

We interviewed these four top experts in online marketing and digital analytics:

  • Michael Böhme, Teamleiter Insights & Decision Support Produkte bei Zalando
  • André Morys, Board of Management konversionskraft
  • Marc Preusche, Founder LEROI
  • Jim Sterne, Marketing Analytics Summit Chair und Digital Analytics Association Director Emeritus

And asked about the following topics:

  • Customer Experience – Prerequisite and Basics
  • How do you measure customer experience?
  • How are AB testing and personalization related?
  • For implementation: tips and procedures for operational intelligence
  • Speed or accuracy?
  • Recommendation Enginges
  • Cross Device und das “Testing Pollution” Problem
  • Future trends in customer experience optimization

Digital markets are becoming increasingly competitive due to the exponentially growing range of products, information and services. This stronger competition is additionally fueled by better comparability of prices, availability, and assortments of increasingly interchangeable products and services.

In this market environment, it is increasingly difficult for companies to differentiate themselves! But don’t worry! In our free whitepaper, you’ll learn how to use the secret weapon “situationalization”, next-level personalization, to get your business out of the dilemma and into the fast lane.