ODOSCOPE The Customer Engagement Platform

What is the ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform? Where is it used and what are its USPs?

The ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) is a platform for scalable personalization and AI-based merchandising in e-commerce. It combines the personalization of the online shop with the sales interests of the company. It can be used to personalize all touchpoints of the customer journey in a consistent and coordinated way. The platform stands out for its innovative approach to personalization, as it works entirely without consent, does not require cookies and addresses 100% of the traffic.

On the other hand, the SaaS platform offers business users the ability to control, sell and monitor their product range transparently and easily at the click of a button via an intuitive, fast dashboard. Short- and long-term individual shop goals, such as increasing the conversion rate or the shopping basket, reducing the bounce rate or the sale of certain products – at optimized margins – etc., can be tracked at any time using the platform. The development and performance of the shop can be visualised and reported on at the touch of a button.

The ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform therefore has two main objectives:

  1. the user-specific, relevant display of content and offers (hyper-personalization) and
  2. the active support of the operational shop management in its daily work.

Read below to find out exactly how these areas work:

Scalable, holistic personalization

Increased marketing efficiency
Real-time data activation by utilizing 1st party data
Session-based profiling: no consent, no cookies

With the ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform, an online shop personalizes all on- and off-site touchpoints of the customer journey. By personalization we mean the relevant display of content based on real-time analytics, taking into account all possible events and clicks on the page. The focus is on the user, not the product. It is therefore about finding the right products for the current user and bringing together user and product data for this purpose (→ user-centric approach).

The ODOSCOPE technology is based on the existing 1st party data of the online shop like the web analytics data, product data from the PIM system, stock levels, existing customer data, returns data, etc. All GDPR compliant data sources can be integrated into the system’s prescriptive analytics.

Personalize 100% of traffic efficiently and relevantly

The ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform does not need to know the current user in order to deliver highly relevant, user-specific content. In fact, one of the platform’s USPs is that unknown users can be targeted just as relevantly as users who recognize themselves as known customers. This means that 100% of the traffic is actively utilised. This saves additional expenditure on traffic generation and makes effective use of the measures taken. The platform also has a positive impact on customer retention and development: By presenting relevant content tailored to the user and their situation – whether customer or not – the conversion rate gets optimized. Customers are retained more closely and for longer, and customer lifetime value is increased.

Scalability through look-alike audiences

Thanks to session-based profiling, the ODOSCOPE CEP is able to analyze all the data and events available in the user’s current situation in real time. On this basis, it creates so-called look-alike audiences. These are customers like you in the user’s specific shopping situation. These look-alike audiences are redefined for each situation, for each click.

→ No rules, no predefined segments

In this way, the platform works completely without predefined rules and does not divide users into fixed, predefined and therefore often imprecise segments. The approach of the ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform is to actively use the knowledge from the existing data in the session itself (→ real-time data activation).

Every shop visitor is seen in his current situation. Their situational behaviour in the shop thus behavioural data is used to meet their interests and preferences as closely as possible. To do this, the ODOSCOPE CEP analyses each user click anew, incorporating more and more data points into the analysis and forming a new, even more precise look-alike-audience with each click. Within milliseconds, the platform constantly compares the user’s behaviour with the existing data history to determine which users are most similar to the current user and what content converted them. High-dimensional analyses include many features that cannot be handled by a human or manually created rules. The platform feeds the results of these analyses, which are enriched with every click, into the real-time decision. Within milliseconds, it determines the most relevant content for that user and automatically displays it. In this way, each user gets their own view of the shop, tailored to their current shopping situation, interests and interactions in the shop.

Holistic personalization across touch points

Online shops will differentiate themselves by not only engaging the user in a relevant way at a single touchpoint, but also by offering a consistent, holistic, user-centric approach across all possible touchpoints. These could be the product list, landing pages, onsite product recommendations, offsite banner/display ads, customer newsletters, etc.

In order to act in a holistic and coordinated way, the underlying system must be able to use the data from all these touchpoints automatically, i.e. analyze it in real time, coordinate and orchestrate the right content for the current user and deliver it, taking into account, for example, stock levels or margin requirements. When users get such a co-ordinated user experience on their customer journey, and the content builds on each other in such a coherent way, we can speak of hyper-personalization.

The ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform is ideally suited for hyper-personalisation, thanks to its technical setup, the very high speed of automated, real-time decision-making and playout, and the underlying AI.

Technical setup of the ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform

The ODOSCOPE CEP can be integrated into all kinds of shop systems. The online shop can be a normal responsive website or a headless system that only builds up step by step when the shop is accessed. The ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform connects to the existing system via an API interface and is ready to use from day one after a simple integration. All tracking systems are compatible with the ODOSCOPE platform.

The underlying AI modules can be used according to individual requirements and use cases.

For shops that do not have their own Customer Data Platform (CDP), the ODOSCOPE platform also provides a CDP. All customer data can be entered here. In addition to customer data, this CDP module also collects, combines and standardizes behavioural data, i.e. the session data of known or recognized users from all touchpoints. This gives  shop owners a coherent and complete view of their customers. If a shop already has a CDP, the ODOSCOPE CEP can connect to it, so that the customer data can also be included in the analyses.

100% GDPR compliance

→ Consense-free and cookie-less personalization

The ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform is integrated into the online shop as part of the commissioned data processing and therefore does not require separate consent. The platform does not use its own pixel and does not require cookies. Only first-party data from the online shop is used, which can also be enriched with publicly available data like weather or socio-demographic data. All data is stored in the private ODOSCOPE cloud in certified German data centres. Data security is central to ODOSCOPE.

AI-powered category merchandising for fast and easy implementation of your own sales strategies

The second main pillar of the ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform is the transparent and easy-to-use category merchandising to implement your own sales strategies.

Every online shop, e-commerce or category manager has its own business objectives that are pursued in the short or long term by managing the product range. With ODOSCOPE CEP, these objectives can be easily tracked. This means that strategies can be created, visualized and finally analyzed and reported. For example, certain products can be promoted while others are penalised.Whether it is a matter of optimizing margins, increasing the value of the shopping basket or reducing the return rate, individual business objectives can be mapped easily and transparently.

The platform always keeps one thing in mind: The relevance of the content to the current user. All strategies are always calculated and implemented in accordance with user-related personalization according to individual relevance.

→ Everything perfectly and fast visualized with dashboards individually configured

An intuitive, interactive dashboard allows business users to create and test their strategies in advance, whether in A/B or multi-variant testing. The parameters set can be tested in advance in a preview and adjusted if necessary. The business user has full visibility and control at all times. All developments are displayed in various, individually configurable dashboards whether in tabular or graphical form. All reports can be easily customized, exported in various formats and shared with other stakeholders (→ shared workspaces).

Like the platform’s real-time displays, dashboard analyses are extremely fast and available at the click of a button. Outliers and anomalies are immediately identified.

Collaborative approach: Active support from a dedicated Customer Success Team

The third key pillar of the ODOSCOPE CEP is the active and supportive role of its Customer Success Team. A dedicated team of Customer Success Managers is available to each online shop at all times and is an integral part of the B2B customer relationship from the outset.

The Customer Success Managers provide help and advice at weekly Jour Fixes, whether it be on the first steps of implementation, setting up dashboards or specifically on setting up and testing strategies. Reports can be created in consultation and the online shop team is trained and supported in the use of the software. In addition, the ODOSCOPE Knowledge Base in the Customer Dashboard is available to every ODOSCOPE customer for further questions.

November, 2023