Situational real-time personalization revolutionizes the shopping experience at PETER HAHN

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PETER HAHN is an internationally successful multichannel fashion company in the upscale quality and price segment for women 55 plus – which consistently continues to think about its customer-centric communication. This includes inspiring existing and new customers and addressing them in a needs-specific manner. For a perfect customer experience, the focus is on the individual relevance of the products offered – and absolutely DSGVO-compliant.

The starting position

PETER HAHN’s online store offers customers inspiration for styling trends and a wide range of fashion items and accessories. The focus is on resource-saving production and long-lasting product quality. In particular, brand-name models in the mid-range and higher price segments are marketed with a focus on a narrowly defined target group. The international B2C store sells products in ten countries and serves existing customers in particular.

The solution

PETER HAHN uses the ODOSCOPE situationalization platform to sort product lists according to the user’s individual shopping situation and purchasing needs. In this way, situationally relevant product suggestions can be played out to known and unknown online shoppers in real time, i.e. in less than 20 ms. Instead of filling new data silos, ODOSCOPE combines existing CRM data treasures with raw web analytics data. A highlight is the easy use of customer categories according to similar price sensitivity.

Through the successful integration, browsing and buying behavior of historical customers, price preferences of the current user (e.g. high-priced jeans, low-priced blouses) as well as situational data (e.g. referrer: Google SEO Non- Brand, location: Berlin, …


„With the ODOSCOPE situationalization platform, we can now use our data to offer all visitors the most relevant products according to their respective shopping situation. This can revolutionize the shopping experience at PETER HAHN and significantly increase sales, order and return rates.“

Tobias Arendt | Head of Digital Product Management & Marketing Automation