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Via, the online portal of Germany’s leading fashion magazine, publisher BurdaStyle achieves high traffic figures, above all from mobile. In order to expand its position as the market leader, the publisher wants to further increase the loyalty of its users: In order for them to use even more frequently and longer, it should become YOUR personalized, digital magazine for fashion, beauty and lifestyle, on which the presented products can be directly purchased.

The starting position

The limits of conventional RECOs

On its online portal, publisher BurdaStyle generates high traffic figures, especially from mobile devices. Thanks to the digital magazine’s broad selection of topics – from fashion to lifestyle and stars to InStyle Men – its readership is colourful and diverse. BurdaStyle would like to align the portal consistently according to their interests. The articles are therefore displayed in an “Infinite Stream”: If you scroll down after reading an article, new articles are permanently loaded, which is convenient for the many mobile users. However, the article stream was sorted chronologically before the project started: the latest articles were displayed first, so that every user saw the same content. Because readers are very different from each other and even the same reader can have changing interests in different situations, this did not do justice to their diversity.

The solutions

Situational recommendations for EVERYONE

Burda is remedying this situation by using ODOSCOPE, the world’s first platform for situationalization: the SaaS tool adapts the article sorting to the situation, interests and behavior of each user. For this it uses real-time personas, i.e. it dynamically assigns one and the same user to the most suitable persona – always anew with every single click.

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„Thanks to ODOSCOPE: What counts is the moment! Instead of treating all users equally, we finally do justice to their diverse interests and individual usage situations with real-time personas. Inspiring contents in every second of your visit increase the length of stay and make you a loyal user in the medium term.“

Harm Heibült | Director Product, BurdaStyle