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B2B-E-Commerce on fast lane through situational recommendations

„The performance of ODOSCOPE convinced us in a sustainable way. In both the desktop and mobile versions, the solution delivers very good results for each of our customers and has significantly increased our sales.“

Philipp Haferkamp, former MD, Certeo Business Equipment GmbH

Certeo offers a wide range of office and factory equipment in its online shop, which operates on the Spryker system. The users are business customers, who usually have a very clear idea of their desired product through a clear purchase order and start their research mainly via the search engine Google. When they are referred to the shop here, only a very few users click their way through the variety of products. If they don‘t find what they are looking for at first glance, they end their visit to the shop.

For this purpose, Certeo uses the ODOSCOPE Customer Engagement Platform (CEP) both for product recommendations and in the category, overview pages and search result lists. This approach makes it possible to adapt the online-shop to the individual needs as well as the shopping situation of each user, whether known or unknown, in less than 20 ms…

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