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Outstanding shopping basket values through
situation-specific recommendations at asambeauty.com

“We were actually quite satisfied with our previous RECO. But ODOSCOPE has added another shovel with its situational recommendations. The enormous uplifts convinced us to replace our classic RECO completely with ODOSCOPE.“

Sarah Schwart, Manager Projects E-COM at asambeauty

Since its expansion, asambeauty has been presenting a dream world with over 500 high-quality beauty articles exclusively from its own brands in its online shop. In order to guide customers through the new product jungle, the beauty platform relies on the recommendation of possibly suitable products – on the product detail page, the add to basket page and in the shopping basket.

Based on the interests of historical customers who had viewed or purchased similar products to the current user, these were played out using a classic RECO tool before the project began. However, this meant that they were of little relevance to many visitors: Their actual interests and preferences can be very different from those of the comparison group. So, they were often ignored. The beauty platform was therefore looking for a solution that would suggest suitable products to each individual user.

Case Study beautyshop asambeauty and ODOSCOPE

For this, asambeauty relies on the next generation of recommendations:
situation-related recommendations by ODOSCOPE. This approach enables the beauty platform to tailor product suggestions …

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