Realize business and customer goals simultaneously

The ODOSCOPE platform for situationalization enables you, to display the most relevant content to each of your users – on any device, at digital touchpoints and for any business case. Our platform helps you increase your KPIs such as conversions, margin or sales. Fully automated and even for unknown users.

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ODOSCOPE optimizes your digital channels according to the situation. The advantages of the ODOSCOPE platform:

Set up a data lake

The ODOSCOPE platform raises your data treasures. The raw data from all silos are regularly imported, correlated and serve as a database. Of course you retain full data sovereignty.

Own In-Memory-Grid-Tech

Our self-developed technology is based on an innovative In-Memory-Data-Grid. This allows huge amounts of data to be made usable and enriched with live data – in real time.

Using user situations

ODOSCOPE uses anonymous situation data of your users to address 100% of the visitors individually in their usage situations. The calculations for this take place before the 1st interaction!

Goal-oriented optimization

Include any KPIs (e.g. CR, margin) and sales or campaign strategies (e.g. promotions, seasonal) in the weighting. Our algorithms take this into account in the playout.

Full dashboard control

With the intuitive ODOSCOPE Dashboard you can evaluate your data in real time. In addition, it shows you which contents ODOSCOPE re-sorts how and why, which successes are achieved and gives you the opportunity to intervene manually.

Next-Gen Personalization

We open a new dimension of personalization. User situation, persona AND your KPIs can be included. Our platform then searches in real time for the most successful weighting.

The power behind situationalization

Thanks to a combination of in-memory data grid, prescriptive big data analysis and self-learning closed loop algorithm.

The ODOSCOPE platform supports data-driven optimization processes and generates great added value within the organization.

Onboarding and support:
Your success in the first place

Your corporate success is our ultimate goal. We work passionately to make your experience with ODOSCOPE as simple, efficient and effortless as possible. Our journey together is always characterized by this – from the first contact to the daily support. The goal: We want to enable you to achieve maximum ROI and your individual goals through ODOSCOPE. As self-determined and effective as possible – and with minimum effort.

The Onboarding Process: Overview

Phase 1: Kick-off

The first touchpoint with your responsible Customer Success Manager (CSM): Together you define the individual steps for integration and a go-live date. Your CSM provides you with all the necessary instructions for the following processes.

Phase 2: Data integration

We integrate both your tracking data and your product, content and shop category data into regular feeds. We can immediately detect when a new feed is posted, ensuring that we are working with the most current data.

Phase 3: Website integration

Website integration can be done in two quick and easy ways:
a) Server-side: We integrate ODOSCOPE functionalities directly into your shop – into the most common webshop systems via plugins.

b) Frontend / Client-site: You simply insert our JavaScript into your frontend.

Phase 4: Adaptation and configuration

Your CSM provides you with a first overview of your data in the ODOSOCOPE Dashboard.In close coordination with you, he will gain a deeper understanding of your company-specific requirements, strengths and challenges in order to configure ODOSCOPE accordingly.

Phase 5: Go Live

Once all the steps have been completed, we go live.

Phase 6: Success – Keep on Optimizing

The implementation is only the beginning of our partnership! True to our motto “Keep on Optimizing”, our CS team will continuously support you in achieving maximum success. It regularly prepares performance reports and optimizes ODOSCOPE for your individual needs.

Influence of user attributes on buying behavior

Find out here what influence user attributes have on buying behavior in online stores, publisher sites or in-game offers. Watch the video now!

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