Referenzen, Erfahrungen und Meinungen

Our Best Reference: Enthusiastic Clients

E-Commerce-Pioneers opt for odoscope. They are persuaded by optimum results, less workload and customer-centric service.

Let our work persuade you

Do you want to know in detail how successfully odoscope functions? We have a range of references available in the form of case studies, white papers and a live demo.


„With odoscope, we found another way to use our data profitably: data from various sources get merged in the odoscope platform. Thus, we are able to derive the greatest possible knowledge out of our data and turn it into higher revenues.”

Ingo Körle, Leitung Onsite & Online Marketing, KLiNGEL-Gruppe

„The data driven approach of odoscope has fully convinced us. We can completely reduce the ever-increasing manual effort for product list sorting and thus significantly reduce our costs for shop maintenance with simultaneous double-digit sales increases."

Michael Heine, Geschäftsführer, Praxisdienst.

„odoscope not only provides us with a considerable uplift, this company is also a highly motivated partner with a great service for us.“

Matthias Spangenberg, Head of Online-Marketing, DefShop GmbH

"odoscope is a technology we use for the easy individualisation of all aspects of our online shop in a truly relevant way. In doing so, we have been able to maintain higher conversion rates and sales right from day 1."

Philipp Tippkemper, CMO Tennis-Point

"We are planning to use odoscope also as a mobile tool across the whole company. odosMap™ is ideal for displaying on tablets and other mobile devices."

Frank Bockhorn, Manager Web-Analyse Douglas

„We have noticed the advantages of odoscope very fast. Beside the uplifts, we are deeply impressed by the transparency the odoscope tool provides. The odoscope dashboard perfectly visualizes the performance of any of your shops. We can drive analyses ad hoc and have access to all information at any time. We are convinced by the disruptive approach the whole odoscope team pursues and we are looking forward to the company-wide roll-out.“

Tanja Ambrosy, Projektleiterin E-Commerce, KLiNGEL-Gruppe

"We are impressed with the odoscope team and their software which, in our view, has potential to fundamentally change the current way of processing of data."

Friedrich Baur, Vorstand der J.F. Müller & Sohn AG

"We are impressed with the odoscope team and their software which, in our view, has potential to fundamentally change the current way of processing of data."

Dr. Tobias Engelhardt, Investor in odoscope und Deutscher Business Angel des Jahres 2016.

„The world of e-commerce needs an individual customer approach that is relevant to the customer at the very moment and that fits with the customer at exact that moment.“

Dr. Rainer Hillebrand, stellvertretender Vorstandsvorsitzender der Otto Group, in der Berliner Morgenpost am 22. Februar 2017

Live Demo: Find Out for Yourself

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