More turnover at lower costs through shop-wide individualization

Founded in 1953, Praxisdienst is one of the leading mail order companies for medical technology in Germany and Europe. In its online shop, the company offers its customers an extensive range of products for human, dental and veterinary medicine. Praxisdienst attaches great importance to excellent customer service, comprehensive product information and appealing topics.

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Starting position

Praxisdienst offers its customers an online shop created by dotfly with an extensive range of products from the fields of human, dental and veterinary medicine. The company’s B2B shop is based on OXID eSales and uses OXSEARCH (based on Elasticsearch) for internal shop search and product lists. The econda Recommendation has been used so far for cross-sell recommendations. In the effort for a good usability and inviting customer approach, category overview pages and product lists have so far been maintained manually, cost and time consuming. However, the personnel costs for this and the susceptibility to errors increased with the constantly growing product range in the flourishing business. Therefore, Praxisdienst was looking for a tool to automate shop maintenance and customer approach.


ODOSCOPE also personalizes the search result lists generated by Elasticsearch and thus creates an even better customer experience.

Our solution

With ODOSCOPE’s SaaS solution, Praxisdienst has found this tool. ODOSCOPE is able to determine individually relevant content for every visitor, known or unknown, and to deliver it to them automatically. The tool can be applied to almost any dynamic page content. For this reason, the Praxisdienst has already expanded the use of ODOSCOPE after a short time and now uses the solution not only for the individually relevant sorting of product lists and category overview pages: Personalized recommendations are also delivered via cross-sell elements on the product detail pages and in the empty or filled shopping basket. In addition, ODOSCOPE’s plugin for Elasticsearch tailors the search result lists to each visitor’s needs by displaying their favorite products in the first place. The Praxisdienst offers each visitor their own, individually tailored shop. And because this shop individualization is based on the merged data from Praxisdienst, this man is and remains in control of his data and can represent his own business logic variably at the various interfaces.

Project achievements

DThanks to ODOSCOPE’s solution, which independently individualizes almost every page of the shop, Praxisdienst saves a considerable amount of manual effort for re-sorting product and search result lists as well as the category overview pages. At the same time, with ODOSCOPE he has found a way to merge all his existing data and use it profitably without giving up the sovereignty: the lists, sorted according to individual relevance, address both known and unknown users precisely and thus perform much better. This shows, for example, the significant reduction of the bounce rate in the search. The cross-sell offers also ensure higher conversion rates and shopping basket values. Due to the quick implementation by dotfly and the low maintenance effort, Praxisdienst was able to significantly reduce its costs for shop maintenance. Overall, Praxisdienst achieved double-digit sales increases.


The ODOSCOPE Dashboard shows the progress: After only a few days ODOSCOPE delivers a significant sales uplift.

product lists


search results


category page


shopping basket (empty)


shopping basket (full)


“The data-driven approach of ODOSCOPE has convinced us in the long term. We can completely save the constantly increasing manual effort for product list sorting and thus significantly reduce our costs for shop maintenance while simultaneously achieving double-digit sales increases.“
– Michael Heine, Managing Director, Praxisdienst