The situation: a new dimension for your online game

Relevant content & items for everyone.

ODOSCOPE is the first situation-aware personalization platform for online and mobile games. With our tool you can offer players an individualized in-game experience with highly relevant content & items – in any situation and for any player!

Our situationalization platform has delivered extraordinary results for our e-commerce customers. So we thought: How huge will be the potential of our technology for the data-driven games industry?
Let’s realize this potential together!

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What makes ODOSCOPE unique?

self-learning technology

Self-learning technology

Highly automated and self-learning algorithms that individualize in-game elements depending on a wide range of situational data, user interaction or your in-house data sources (e.g. CRM).

data ownership

Data ownership

Our platform only uses your data to situationalize your online game, but you own it. We keep your data private and store it in DIN ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers only.

highly performant solution

Fast performance

Thanks to our unique database structure and in-memory grid, our calculation happens in lightning speed within 20ms. The situationalized in-game elements load before the first interaction.


Full GDPR compliance

We only use data centers in Germany for our innovative SaaS situationalization platform. Thus, ODOSCOPE works in full compliance with the European Data Protection laws.

use your own business Logic

Use your own business logic

With the touch of a button, your individual company goals like boosting limited-time offers, higher priced items or in-game video ads are given greater weight. Our algorithms adapt to them in a meaningful way. Continuously.

Boost conversions sales and revenu

Boost your IAP

By situationalizing your online game for every player you significantly reduce your churn, increase your retention rate and ultimately increase your revenue – by 20% and more.

What E-Commerce Can Learn From The Game Industry – 7 Starting Points

Our analysis covers technological aspects as well as KPI driven products, Gamification, mobile-first and more interesting starting points for optimization.

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Situationalization for games

Optimizing in-game experience:
in real-time

It’s a lot of work to develop a great game. But after development is before monetization. With ODOSCOPE, you can focus on the continuous development of your game as well as new in-game features and items that people love.
Our tool will optimize according to your business goals and logic:

Retention rate

Boost the engagement level of your players, the retention rate (D1, D7, D30) and with this the overall life-time value of your users


Uplifts of IAP and ARPPU through situation-aware personalization of your in-game elements (e.g. display individually relevant paid items)

In-Game Advertising

Optimization of your advertising delivery to maximize your in-game ad revenue (e.g. Banner, Links, Text or Video)

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