ODOSCOPE Integrations & Partners

The ODOSCOPE platform can be combined with numerous other tools, data sources and platforms. Our world-leading platform for situationalization enables you to derive strategically important insights from these data sources and implement them in real time in your digital channels.

The number of integrations and partners is constantly increasing. If your company should be one of them, please send an e-mail to info@odoscope.com

Analytics & Tracking Solutions

Google Analytics 360 is a web analytics solution for comprehensive data/marketing analysis designed specifically to address the needs of large enterprises.

Adobe Analytics enables companies to unify software, web analytics, marketing analytics, attribution, and predictive analytics.

Webtrekk is one of the leading analytics platforms in Europe. Webtrekk helps companies understand and analyze the behavior of their users on all devices.

Matomo Analytics is a powerful web analytics platform that offers companies 100% data ownership and user data protection.

AT Internet offers an analysis platform for measuring web and mobile traffic for professional use. This allows companies to control their performance in real time.

E-Commerce & E-Shop Software

Shopware is a modular online shop system developed in Germany since 2004. It is available both as open source software and in commercial editions.

Magento is a modern e-commerce platform that enables shopping experiences across all channels: online-shop, e-mail, mobile, in-store and more.

Spryker offers e-commerce software with powerful features for shops, apps and other devices that can be customized to the individual needs of businesses.

Shopify is an e-commerce software solution that enables small and mid-sized retailers to create, deploy and operate their own online stores.

OXID eShop is a modular expandable online shop system. It is available both as open source software and in commercial editions.

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables companies to sell their products on all channels, whether on mobile devices, in social media or in the offline store.

Progressive Web Apps

Frontastic is a front-end cloud platform that enables IT teams with a development environment to quickly create solutions and deliver them scalable.

ODOSCOPE has its own JavaScript SDK (Software Development Kit) and can therefore be used flexibly and with little effort in various apps.


AX Semantics automates text production with structured data. The tool automatically creates content such as product descriptions, news, business reports & more.

rabbit eMarketing is the leading one-to-one multichannel agency in German-speaking countries and is one of the pioneers of e-mail marketing.

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