Our solution

The ODOSCOPE platform for situationalization re-sorts the products in your shop. Fully automated, in real time, 100% GDPR-compliant and in accordance with the current user situation. In this way you present even unknown users with the products that are most relevant in their current situation – and optimally support your current sales strategy.


Thanks to Google, we now expect a website to display the most relevant content and products first. However, shop owners only know about 20% of their users before the first click and can only personalize for them. All others get a shop based on the principle “one site fits all” – their expectations are disappointed.


Instead of personal data, ODOSCOPE uses situation-related data (such as device, time, weekday, referrer or location) to gain knowledge about the needs of the current user. Because they do not require an opt-in and are sent with every access, the shop can be optimized for each individual user.


You present even unknown users with the most relevant content and products: During his entire customer journey, every visitor gets his own shop – even before the first click. Your business objectives are also taken into account when rearranging the products. The efficient and inspiring customer experience ensures higher sales and stronger customer loyalty.

Situationalization strategies

Sorting of product lists

70% of all users use product lists – but only 35% find a product relevant to them. This corresponds to 50% wasted sales potential!

ODOSCOPE provides a remedy and re-sorts product lists: For each user, the products that are most relevant for him/her in his/her current situation are sorted upwards. This ensures significant CR and sales uplifts. Thanks to full automation, the high costs of manual maintenance are also eliminated.

Fully automated platform for situationalization

The self-learning ODOSCOPE platform helps you to play out content fully automatically and situationally.

Through the intuitive dashboard, you always have a full overview and gain a deep understanding of the needs of your users. Based on this, you can use our controller to define special goals such as returns or promote private labels. Your goals will then be weighted more heavily. How does that work? See for yourself:

Sitautionalization strategies

Sorting of product lists

  • Intelligent, automated sorting of product lists, adapted to the current user situation

  • Higher sales potential through our specific product lists

  • Significant increase of the conversion rate

  • Cost savings for manual store maintenance

Rearranging search results

  • User- and situation-related resorting of search result lists

  • Individual search results for each of your users

  • Your users find what they are looking for immediately

  • Efficient and inspiring customer experience for a long-lasting customer relationship

Tailoring of product recommendations

  • Recommendations are played out based on the surfing behavior of users

  • Inspire and advise your users with individually relevant product suggestions – just like in a stationary store

Campaign support product range management

  • Re-sorting not only according to user relevance, but also your individual business goals: Customer and dealer goals go hand in hand

  • Factors such as margin, availability, new collection etc. can be based on button can be included in the playout logic. Intelligent algorithms find their optimal weighting.

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We would be happy to show you live, how the ODOSCOPE platform works and what possibilities this can open up for your business.