Too much effort to examine existing data treasures?

There are important insights, but the effort to investigate these data sets is just too much.

Countless data from different data sources are isolated and collected without smart and context-based monitoring.

The holistic analysis of sensor data and linking of data sources enables intelligent pattern recognition and ex-post analysis of rare frequencies.

ODOSCOPE is an extremely fast solution for recognizing data patterns and evaluating the quality of collected data beyond transactional analyses in complex and expensive data warehouse solutions.

ODOSCOPE operationalizes data, provides recommendations for action via a decision engine
and allows manual and automated interventions.

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ODOSCOPE In-Memory Data Grid as Analytics Layer on a Data Lake

For real-time analysis of large amounts of data and fast visualization of data, data correlations and patterns

  • Data virtualization allows the acceleration and optimization of processes
  • no complex setup of a data warehouse
  • no lengthy & resource-intensive ETL processes
  • extremely fast system queries in only a few milliseconds

ODOSCOPE as Decision Engine for continuous stream data

For large amounts of continuously incoming sensor data from different data sources

  • Continuous data monitoring (quantitative and qualitative) and ad-hoc alerts (preventive and ex-post)
  • Recommendations for action via the ODOSCOPE Decision Engine in milliseconds, manual and automated interventions such as predictive, proactive maintenance, infrastructure and other decision-making measures
  • Sensor and stream data for logistics, energy supply (Smart Grid), trade, outdoor advertising, healthcare, medication, quantitative genetics, server infrastructure, traffic control, telemetry, IoT, machine parks, autonomous driving, financial fraud detection etc.

How the Analytics Layer works


possibility of linking the data

  • Data from various data sources
  • Data formats and data sources like SFTP, S3 Buckets, local databases, …


Indexing of the data record

  • Data Virtualization
  • Use of 1st party data
  • No copies or duplicates, no set up hosting/storage


Creation of the data map in the ODOSCOPE Dashbord

  • Visualization of patterns, events, correlations
  • Execution of any analysis for individual segments and filters or the entire data by business owner, incident manager, controller or operator
  • Simulations of patterns and intervention mechanisms


Correlation of all data points and
graphic view

  • Visualization of statistically significant correlations (events/results)
  • Accurate data insights

How the ODOSCOPE Decision Engine works


Permanent data feed

  • continuous access to virtualization of the data history of sensors and data sources
  • real-time data analysis


Real-time live request

  • via ODOSCOPE integration into processes when a decision is or could be necessary
  • Peer group data reconciliation


Comparison of current data and data history in real time

  • Reflection of results, findings and decision options


Decision and action

  • Warnings and recommendations for action
  • Introduction of measures
  • Consideration of measures taken

Hybrid Cloud – Edge-enabled – Analytics Grid for latency critical applications

  • intuitive, ad-hoc analyses with the ODOSCOPE In-Memory Analytics Grid
  • data-driven decisions in milliseconds
  • Data virtualization without additional data warehouse
  • Hybrid cloud approach with cost-effective ODOSCOPE SaaS solution and Docker-based on-premise deployment
  • Edge-enabled, Edge-ready
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ODOSCOPE is a leading provider of a SaaS platform for Situationalization that provides context-based and data-driven analysis and real-time decisions.

Their self-developed in-memory data grid technology is used as an analytics-as-a-service and decision engine for high velocity applications and processes.

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