Automated real-time playout of user-individual lists by connecting TITUS to the ODOSCOPE platform.

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Committed to providing customers with a great experience, TITUS GmbH is the premier destination for all things skateboarding and streetwear related since 1978. From humble beginnings as a local shop, TITUS has grown to become one of the leading suppliers for high-quality skateboards and other products throughout Europe and the world, selling to 40 countries. As the European leader in skateboarding with a reputation for quality thanks to its commitment to 100% skateboarding from day one, TITUS is proud of its heritage in the European skate community.

Initial situation

The TITUS online shop uses Shopware as shop system combined with Matomo as tracking system. As B2C online shop TITUS offers high-quality skateboard products to beginners and professional skaters alike, as well as streetwear clothing from exclusive brands.

To increase its conversion rate and to improve the relevance of product recommendations based on price-sensitivity TITUS implemented ODOSCOPE. Up to this point no data-based automated process was in place that allowed lists to be displayed automatically while matching the current user’s interests and needs. The challenge was for TITUS to optimize its online shop as touchpoint for discovery, i.e. to optimize customer search for inspiration.


TITUS linked itself fo the ODOSCOPE platform by the Shopware plugin provided by ODOSCOPE. With this plugin TITUS was fast and easily onboarded to the customer engagement platform and had ad-hoc access to the sorting tools and AI modules of the ODOSCOPE universe.

TITUS uses the ODOSCOOPE situationalization approach to sort products according to the current individual users’ shopping needs and situations, increasing the relevance of product recommendations – so that every customer finds what he/she needs. ….

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Titus online shop: uplifts in CR und Revenue through ODOSCOPE

“With ODOSCOPE, we can effectively use our data to drive success by providing an individualized and positive shopping experience for our customers. ODOSCOPE has supported us very well with smooth, timely and uncomplicated communication during the technical integration and extension.”

Raphael Bergmann | Full Stack Web Developer, TITUS