Dynamic banner impressions without cookies.

Adaptive Creative Optimization (ACO) – a new approach for personalized display advertising

Individual personalization for every user, based on the advertiser’s 1st party data, cookieless and – extremly effective.

You’ve probably heard the term “Dynamic Creative Optimization” (DCO). With DCO, banner ads are personalized individually per user to achieve increased performance. However, to be fully effective, DCO requires user recognition, which in turn requires the user’s prior consent. DCO is therefore user-based.

With ACO, banner personalization also works for unknown or unrecognized users.  ACO is session- and user-based.

Ad booking and bidding take place with ACO as usual. When a bidding is won, however, the existing data points of the user for whom a banner impression is intended are used to analyze which “users like you” exist in the advertiser’s data history. The individually relevant variant of the creative is then identified and delivered in just 4 milliseconds.

Advantages of ACO:

  1. A major advantage of ACO is the analysis of the advertiser’s data and thus the analysis of shop-specific customer behavior. In addition, there is possible additional user information from the Creative Management Platform (CMP) and Demand-Side Platform (DSP), such as the selected target audiences.
  2. Another advantage of ACO is the more efficient campaign management: With DCO, the system “learns” during an ongoing campaign, whereas with ACO, specific user data is analyzed against all(!) engagement correlations in the advertiser’s shop. ACO campaigns are thus very effective from the start.
  3. ACO does not require a pixel implementation for integration, only a data export. This allows all displayed banners to be individually personalized, even for unknown users,.

ACO – successfully in use

With one of our customers from the fashion industry using ACO, we achieved a 300% improvement in click-through rates and a 16% increase in sales with 14% more orders. ACO does not require any additional effort such as a technical integration – a simple data export is sufficient.

For anyone intereseted in this topic ODOSCOPE’s experts will explain on demand how to use and set up ACO for the relevant shop or website.